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Structure of Ground Control Station

Providing high level telecommunication services is the main aim for ground control station (GCS) team.  Our GCS consist of:
  • Satellite Control Center
  • Ground Application Center
  • Departments Maintaining the GCS operation
Ground control station departments ensure  not only satellite operation, but operate the teleport and VSAT networks.

Vitali Bahamolau

Deputy Chief of Technical Affairs
  • Determination and implementation of the company's policy in matters of technical operation of the NSSC
  • Development of action plans, instructional and methodical documents on operation of the NSSC
  • Interaction with enterprises and structural units of the company on issues of the NSSC operation
  • Organization and holding of seminars, meetings and consultations on issues of the NSSC operation
  • Organization of proper operation of machinery and equipment.

Barys Dzemidziuk

Flight Director
  • Verification and approval of lists of telecommands to be sent to the satellite
  • Planning of satellite control operations
  • Analysis of technical status of the satellite

Pavel Starovoitau

Deputy Station Manager - SCC Manager
  • Control of the satellite and ensuring continuous communication with it
  • Ballistic and navigation support of the mission
  • Planning of activities, analysis and control of the satellite's technical status
  • Development and technical support of satellite projects
  • Development of international technical cooperation on the operation of communication satellites

Ivan Smuniov

Head of the Satellite Analysis  and Control Department
  • Continuous control and monitoring of the satellite's status
  • Maintaining of the given orbital position and operating modes of the satellite
  • Satellite operation planning
  • Analysis of the satellite's subsystems' technical status

Egor Zonov 

Head of the Orbit Engineering Group
  • Planning of the satellite's orbit control on all time scales (monthly, yearly)
  • The satellite's actual orbit determination and prediction
  • Calculation of required orbit control parameters for station keeping maneuvers

Alexander Armonik

Head of the center
  • Satellite communication network operation
  • The satellite's payload monitoring
  • C- and Ku-band VSAT networks management and control
  • TV and radio signals reception and monitoring
  • TV signals' processing, coding, multiplexing and transmission to the satellite

Andrei Chaitsyn

Spectrum Management Engineer
  • Coordination of the orbital-frequency resource
  • International legal protection

Olga Leontieva

Head of the Communication Operations Control Center
  • Monitoring of the satellite's frequency and power resource
  • Ensuring trouble-free operation of measurement equipment
  • Calculation of satellite communication link budgets
  • Admission of users to the satellite's power and frequency resource
+375 (17) 169 66 99

Andrei Yanovich

Head of TV and VSAT Department
  • Reception and quality control of input signals from TV broadcasters and radio stations
  • Processing, coding and multiplexing of TV signals
  • Adding electronic program guides to TV channels of the program package
  • Transmission of complete program packages to the satellite
  • Traffic control
  • Monitoring of TV signal received from the satellite for evaluation of quality of transmitted program package
  • Organization of VSAT networks
  • Provision of terminal equipment to VSAT users and instructing them on the terms of use
  • Installation and network connection of VSAT terminals
  • Control of VSAT terminals operation, monitoring of VSAT networks status, continuous maintenance of proper operating modes and technical parameters
  • Processing of VSAT network users inquiries
+375 (17) 555 32 06; +375 (29) 618 69 01
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Sergey Kravchuk

Head of the department
  • Ensuring trouble-free and correct operation of RF equipment, antennas and antenna systems
  • Ensuring timely maintenance and repair of RF equipment, antennas and antenna systems
  • Collection of information for effective implementation of tasks

Mikhail Kernasovskiy

Head of the department
  • Realization of satellite capacity in the foreign and domestic markets on a permanent basis and upon request
  • Provision of satellite services: communication links, corporate networks, DTH communication services (sd, hd)


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