Project “Belintersat” avails itself of the opportunity to congratulate its partners and customers on the 4th anniversary of the Belintersat-1 satellite’s launch!


January 15, 2020


The successful launch of the first Belarusian communications satellite aboard the LM3B launch vehicle took place at Xichang Space Launch Center in People’s Republic of China at 7:57 pm BLT (Belarusian local time) on January 15, 2016.

Since that time, the Belintersat-1 satellite has made 1460 round-the-globe orbit passes. Its mission is being carried out as planned, the on-board subsystems are operating normally, all of its housekeeping parameters are within the established thresholds. The spacecraft successfully pursues providing satellite communications services throughout Asia, Europe and Africa.

On behalf of Project “Belintersat” we express our enormous gratitude to the spacecraft designers, development engineers, assemblers as well as technical partners. We greatly appreciate the experience of working together with you. We congratulate all of our colleagues, partners and clients and hope for the further fruitful, mutually beneficial and future proven cooperation.

Thank you for being with us!


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